Theatres in Crisis. CCSD, Goethe Institute, London. April 2018

London Theatre Seminar/ European Research Network. Invited Talk. January 2018

Helsinki Arts University, MA Spatial Practice, Workshops/Talks – December 2017

WHW Zagreb, Galerija Nova – Invited Talk. – October 2017

Conference: “Dissonant Spaces/Modelling public space in culture”. Skopje. Invited Talk – – October 2017

University of the Arts/Helsinki. Invited Talk/Research Seminar – October 2017

Conference/Research Meeting:”On communing’ Prizren, Kosovo. Invited Talk – September 2017

Kassel University. Invited talk and MA workshop  – July 2017

IFTR Sao Paulo, Brazil – Paper Presentation – July 2017

Psi Hamburg Paper presentation and Panel Discussion
*Received PSi’s ‘Dwight Conquergood Award’ – June 2017

Concept/Curation of “In Spite of Everything: Stubborn returns and urban afterlives” Monument to Revolution Sanja Ivekovic/documenta14 – May 2017

Kassel/Friedericianum “Documenta14 Pubic Program”. “Impotential Resistances” – (Invited Talk) – April 2017

Leicester University “Jungle Factories”. Invited Talk: “Unfamiliar Territories: 10 Thoughts on Destituent Spaces” (Invited Talk) – March 2017

Documenta 14 Public Programme. “Social Economies: Deinstitutionalizing Alternatives, Global Capitalism, and Local Knowledge”(Invited Talk) – February 2017

Kunstencentrum BUDA “The Fantastic Institution”. “Practising the Institution between collectivity and critique” (Invited Talk) – February 2017

24th Friedrich Hölderlin Guest lectures: “Destituent Spaces: Thoughts on the hereafter of performance and politics” at Frankfurt University (Keynote) – January 2017

“10 Thoughts on Instituting Otherwise” at DAI (Dutch Art Institute) Symposium “Art, Struggle and the City” (Keynote) – September 2016

“Decolonising “being with”: Performance and Politics in times of crisis” at the research event “The Politics of Collaboration” Middlesex University (Keynote) – September 2016

“Instituting Critical Spaces” WUK Conference “It’s about politics” Vienna (Keynote) – May 2016

Making the space of self-education practices, ESC atelier/Libera Università Metropolitana,  Rome (Invited talk) – December 2015

Art in Resistance, SPIELART, Munich. (Invited lecture and discussion) – November 2015

“Institutions and Interventions in times of crisis: the uses and politics of public space”, Stadtkuratorin, Hamburg (Invited Talk) – October 2015

FORMER WEST Editorial Meeting, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Invited Talk) – October 2015

“Practicing the institution between collectivity and critique” – Politicality of the Arts Institution. What after the Institution of Critique? Bydgoszcz, Poland (Invited Talk) – October 2015

‘Democracy Rising’, Athens, Greece (Paper Presentation) – July 2015

IFTR: ‘Theatre and Democracy’, Hyderabad, India (Paper Presentation) – July 2015

‘Troupes, Collectives, Companies’, Lyon & Valence, France (Invited Talk) – April 2015

‘Institutions and the Avant-garde’, CRASSH University of Cambridge, UK (Invited Talk) – February 2015

‘Theatre in crisis and the political turn’ Whither Political Theatre? University of Cambridge (Paper Presentation) – September 2014

‘The Political Turn’, IFTR, Theatre and Stratification, Warwick University (Paper Presentation) – July 2014

The Public Commons and the Undercommons of Art, Education, and Labor, International Conference organised by Giessen University (Invited Talk) – May 2014

‘Art of Lawlessness’ Performing Protest, Leuven University (Paper Presentation) – May 2014

Krissfestival, Stockholm (Invited Talk) – April 2014

Art meets theory in collective action, TkH (Walking Theory) (Invited Talk) – March 2014

Art as Intervention, Freie Universitat (Invited Talk) – January 2014

Theatre in crisis, WakeUp, Spielart Festival, Munich (Invited Talk) – November 2013

Collective contexts and self-organisation, IETM, Athens (Invited Talk) – October 2013

PSI Cluster Portugal (Invited Talk) –  September 2013

‘City Maps: Performance Practices in between actuality and utopia’ IFTR, Barcelona (Paper Presentation) – July 2013

‘Collective Horizons: Rethinking the performative and political impossibilities of being together’ PSi 19 Stanford University (Paper Presentation) – July 2013

‘Talking about Economies’, co-organised with K. Paramana, PSi 19 Stanford University, USA (Praxis Session) – July 2013

‘The future of an intervention’ Pantion University, Athens (Invited Talk) – June 2013

‘Unstable grounds: Collective Strategies and (the production of) precarious structures’ PSi 18, Leeds University (Paper Presentation) – June 2012

‘Mapping Heritage and the Production of the Performative’, The performative Museum conference, Krakow, Poland (Keynote) – October 2011

‘Mapping an experience: intimate encounters, technology and public spaces’ Psi 17, Utrecht, Netherlands (Paper Presentation) – May 2011

‘Guided Tours’: ‘Performance Journeys. Remapping the environment’. Plymouth University Conference  (Paper Presentation) – March 2011

‘Contemporary Productions and Cultural texts’ Athens University Conference, A Celebration for the 20 years of the theatre department (Invited Talk) – January 2011

Mavili Collective Conference: ‘Cultural Policies in Greece and Contemporary Production’ Bios, Athens (Keynote) – January 2011.