Talks/ Public Events

“Paradigms of Dramaturgy: Arts, Institutions and the Social”, Cultural Transformations, Aarhus University/Denmark. June 2020

Editor for the “caring” edition of New Alphabet School/HKW online platform/blog: May 2020

Claiming Common Spaces, FFT Dusseldorf. Invited contribution and discussion. May 2019

HKW New Alphabet School and Public Programme/Berlin. Ongoing project and Invited Talk. January 2019

European Lab, Delphi “Democracy between resistance and resilience” Discussion. October 2018

‘Activist Sense and Urban Ecologies of Care’, Malaga. Spain. September 2018

Theatres in Crisis. CCSD, Goethe Institute, London. April 2018

London Theatre Seminar/ European Research Network. Invited Talk. January 2018

Helsinki Arts University, MA Spatial Practice, Workshops/Talks – December 2017

WHW Zagreb, Galerija Nova – Invited Talk. – October 2017

Conference: “Dissonant Spaces/Modelling public space in culture”. Skopje. Invited Talk – – October 2017

University of the Arts/Helsinki. Invited Talk/Research Seminar – October 2017

Conference/Research Meeting:”On communing’ Prizren, Kosovo. Invited Talk – September 2017

Kassel University. Invited talk and MA workshop  – July 2017

IFTR Sao Paulo, Brazil – Paper Presentation – July 2017

Psi Hamburg Paper presentation and Panel Discussion
*Received PSi’s ‘Dwight Conquergood Award’ – June 2017

Concept/Curation of “In Spite of Everything: Stubborn returns and urban afterlives” Monument to Revolution Sanja Ivekovic/documenta14 – May 2017

Kassel/Friedericianum “Documenta14 Pubic Program”. “Impotential Resistances” – (Invited Talk) – April 2017

Leicester University “Jungle Factories”. Invited Talk: “Unfamiliar Territories: 10 Thoughts on Destituent Spaces” (Invited Talk) – March 2017

Documenta 14 Public Programme. “Social Economies: Deinstitutionalizing Alternatives, Global Capitalism, and Local Knowledge”(Invited Talk) – February 2017

Kunstencentrum BUDA “The Fantastic Institution”. “Practising the Institution between collectivity and critique” (Invited Talk) – February 2017

24th Friedrich Hölderlin Guest lectures: “Destituent Spaces: Thoughts on the hereafter of performance and politics” at Frankfurt University (Keynote) – January 2017

“10 Thoughts on Instituting Otherwise” at DAI (Dutch Art Institute) Symposium “Art, Struggle and the City” (Keynote) – September 2016

“Decolonising “being with”: Performance and Politics in times of crisis” at the research event “The Politics of Collaboration” Middlesex University (Keynote) – September 2016

“Instituting Critical Spaces” WUK Conference “It’s about politics” Vienna (Keynote) – May 2016

Making the space of self-education practices, ESC atelier/Libera Università Metropolitana,  Rome (Invited talk) – December 2015

Art in Resistance, SPIELART, Munich. (Invited lecture and discussion) – November 2015

“Institutions and Interventions in times of crisis: the uses and politics of public space”, Stadtkuratorin, Hamburg (Invited Talk) – October 2015

FORMER WEST Editorial Meeting, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Invited Talk) – October 2015

“Practicing the institution between collectivity and critique” – Politicality of the Arts Institution. What after the Institution of Critique? Bydgoszcz, Poland (Invited Talk) – October 2015

‘Democracy Rising’, Athens, Greece (Paper Presentation) – July 2015

IFTR: ‘Theatre and Democracy’, Hyderabad, India (Paper Presentation) – July 2015

‘Troupes, Collectives, Companies’, Lyon & Valence, France (Invited Talk) – April 2015

‘Institutions and the Avant-garde’, CRASSH University of Cambridge, UK (Invited Talk) – February 2015

‘Theatre in crisis and the political turn’ Whither Political Theatre? University of Cambridge (Paper Presentation) – September 2014

‘The Political Turn’, IFTR, Theatre and Stratification, Warwick University (Paper Presentation) – July 2014

The Public Commons and the Undercommons of Art, Education, and Labor, International Conference organised by Giessen University (Invited Talk) – May 2014

‘Art of Lawlessness’ Performing Protest, Leuven University (Paper Presentation) – May 2014

Krissfestival, Stockholm (Invited Talk) – April 2014

Art meets theory in collective action, TkH (Walking Theory) (Invited Talk) – March 2014

Art as Intervention, Freie Universitat (Invited Talk) – January 2014

Theatre in crisis, WakeUp, Spielart Festival, Munich (Invited Talk) – November 2013

Collective contexts and self-organisation, IETM, Athens (Invited Talk) – October 2013

PSI Cluster Portugal (Invited Talk) –  September 2013

‘City Maps: Performance Practices in between actuality and utopia’ IFTR, Barcelona (Paper Presentation) – July 2013

‘Collective Horizons: Rethinking the performative and political impossibilities of being together’ PSi 19 Stanford University (Paper Presentation) – July 2013

‘Talking about Economies’, co-organised with K. Paramana, PSi 19 Stanford University, USA (Praxis Session) – July 2013

‘The future of an intervention’ Pantion University, Athens (Invited Talk) – June 2013

‘Unstable grounds: Collective Strategies and (the production of) precarious structures’ PSi 18, Leeds University (Paper Presentation) – June 2012

‘Mapping Heritage and the Production of the Performative’, The performative Museum conference, Krakow, Poland (Keynote) – October 2011

‘Mapping an experience: intimate encounters, technology and public spaces’ Psi 17, Utrecht, Netherlands (Paper Presentation) – May 2011

‘Guided Tours’: ‘Performance Journeys. Remapping the environment’. Plymouth University Conference  (Paper Presentation) – March 2011

‘Contemporary Productions and Cultural texts’ Athens University Conference, A Celebration for the 20 years of the theatre department (Invited Talk) – January 2011

Mavili Collective Conference: ‘Cultural Policies in Greece and Contemporary Production’ Bios, Athens (Keynote) – January 2011.