Past Projects

Performance Projects

The shape of circle – performance-lecture-walk about Omonoia Square/Athens. EIGHT/ Το ΟΧΤΩ/ Athens
Afterlives [city-wide multi-modal project including: performances, workshops, lectures, discussions, and publication] Hellenic Festival (June 2017)
What the world needs now [city-wide performance], ARC, Stockton (September 2015)
On Failure, [performance lecture], Green Park, Athens (June 2015)
Civic Zones, [performance lecture], Spielart Festival, Munich (November 2013), What_Now Festival, London (April 2013), & Performance Potentials, London (October 2012)
Celebrations [city-wide performence project] Mkultra, Embros, Broadway Archade and other sites in Athens (June 2012) & Venice (July 2012)
City Planning: A day Trip [large scale city project], Mkultra, Hellenic Festival Production, Athens (July 2011)
Eleven [site-specific promenade performance] Mkultra, Bios, Athens (February-March 2011)
Celebrations [studio piece] Mkultra, National Theatre of Greece, Athens (January 2011)
Secret Encounters [city walk/promenade performance] Schuime Festival, Venice (June 2010)
Countdown [Studio piece] Mkultra, Bios, Athens (February-April 2010)
Lets go Outside, [International Collaboration Project] Opera North, Yorkshire/Leeds (May 2010)
A guide to getting lost, [studio piece] Mkultra, Bios, Athens (January-March 2009)
Once Seen 2 [performance installation] Mkultra, Prince Arthur, London (June 2007)
100 Simple Secrets [studio Piece] F2, Theatro tis anoiksis, Athens (May 2007)
A Lecture [studio piece] Arnolifini, Bristol, (September 2006)
Secret Location 2 [city project] F2, Gazi, Athens, (July 2005)
30.000 Lies or more [site-specific durational performance] Mkultra, Teatro Europeo, Turin, (May 2005)
Secret Location 1 [city project] F2, Agora Art Centre, Athens (March 2005)
On the Edge [durational performance] F2, Bios, Athens (May 2004)
Restricted Area [performance installation] F2, Bios, Athens (January-May 2004)
22 Rooms [performance installation] F2, Technopolis, Athens (July 2003)
Darkroom 2 [studio piece] F2, Apo mixanis theatre, Athens and Tweetakt (Antwept festival, Belgium), (November-December 2002) & (April 2003)
Last Supper [performance installation] CPR, Fabrica Europa Festival, (May 2000) [participated as a performer]

Collaborate Curating /programming

‘In Spite of Everything: Stubborn Returns and Urban Afterlives’, Public programme as part of Documenta14
‘Struggling autonomies in closing times’, DIY exhibition of activist actions & a series of public discussions  with Jacques Ranciere, Stavros Stavridis, Emek theatre struggle in between others.
Performance Biennial First Episode ‘No Future’ (June 2016)
‘Institutions, Politics, Performance’ International Conference and Parallel events. (September 2015)
‘Green Park Activation’ Programme/Cultural Occupancy (June 2015)
‘24hours emergency’ A 24 hour Festival, Kolektiva Omonia, Embros Theatre, Athens (September 2013)
‘Where are we now’ 10day Festival/Conference, Kolektiva Omonia, Embros Theatre (February 2013).
‘Εν δυναμει: Altermative Modes of Production’, Embros Theatre, Mavili Collective (March 2012)
‘Encounters in synchronous time’ PSI (Performance Studies International) Regional Cluster, Athens (November 2011)
Embros Re-activation/Occupancy, Mavili Collective, Athens (November 2011)
Communi(cati)on of Crisis, Institute for Live arts Research, Nafpaktos, Greece (June 2011)
‘Cultural Policies in Greece and Contemporary Production’ Conference, Mavili Collective, Bios, Athens, (January 2011)
‘Travelling Ideas’, Club Row, Performance Matters, (April 2010)
‘Rethink, Reuse, Remake’, OPA2, International Festival ON Performance Art, Bios, Athens, (May 2009)
Secret Location, F2, a series of performances in urban sites (Athens, 2005)