Edited Collections/Monographs

– Argyropoulou, G. & H. Vourloumis (2015) eds. for the special issue of Performance Research Journal ‘On Institutions’ (August 2015)

– Monograph – forthcoming in 2022

Chapters in Books 

– ‘Performance as Infrastructure and Institutional Unlearnings’ (2018) In Grehan, H. & P. Eckersall Routledge Reader for Performance and Politics, London: Routledge

– ‘Instituting as an Intervention’ (2018) In Modelling Public Space(s) for Culture,  Skopje: IPCH

– ‘The mechanics of signification and the making of story’ (co-authored with N. Siouzouli) (2017) In Media Practices, Social Movement and Performativity: Transdisciplinary Approaches, London: Routledge

– ‘Collective Horizons: Rethinking the performative and the political (im)possibilities of being together’ (2016) In Fisher, T. & E., Katsouraki (eds.) Performing Antagonism,  London: Palgrave.

– ‘Precarity, Crisis and the Political Turn’ (2016) In Troupes, Collectifs, Companies, L’Entretemps Editeur /In French

‘Ruptured Stages and the Dramaturgies of Debt and Time’ (2016) In Homan Sidney (ed.) Playing Offstage, Maryland: Lexington Books 

Assemblies in theatres, biennials, museums: the failing necessities of ‘being with’ (2016) In The Art of being Many: Towards a new theory and practice of gathering, geheimagentur,  M. Schafer & V. Tsianos., Bielefeld: Transcript-Verlag

– ‘Critical Performance Spaces: Participation and anti-austerity protests in Athens during the crisis’ (2015) In: Participatory Urbanisms, UC Berkeley: Global Urban Initiative

– ‘The future of an Intervention’ In Arts Management and Cultural Production (2013), Pantion University, Athens

Articles in Academic Journals

– ‘Urban and Cultural Repair as (Im)Potential Non-Reproductive Improvisation and Speculation’ (co-authored with Hypatia Vourloumis) Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organisation, Repair Matters

– ‘Can one head a good life in a bad life?’, TkH Journal for performing arts theory – 

– ‘On Performing Publics’, Performance Research 100th issue, Performance Research: A journal for the performing arts

Haunting Dreams of a Wild Future OR What Children have to Teach us about Politics’, Performance Research: A journal for the performing arts, On Children (May 2018)

– ‘Practicing the institution between collectivity and critique’ In Szreder, K. & RIAT, Journal for Research Cultures

-‘DIY, Crisis and cultural Monopolies’ (2017) In Hager, P. & M. Fraggou, Greek Journal of Media and Culture (September 2017)

-‘Improvisational Practices in the Production of the Precarious Common Spaces on the Periphery of Europe’ (2016) In Critical Studies in Improvisation: Improvisation and Global Sites of Difference, Vol 11, No 1-2 

– ‘Public Failures and few common aporias’ In The Public Commons and Undercommons of Art, Education and Labor, TkH Journal for performing arts theory, March 2016 (also text later re-published in Palleten- September 2016)

– ‘Editorial’ co-authored G. Argyropoulou & H. Vourloumis, Performance Research: A journal for the performing arts, On Institutions (September 2015)

– ‘From Embros to Green Park. On continuous failures. On continuous struggles’ (2015) Transversal texts, European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies

‘The Art of Lawlessness’, co-authored with Institute for Live Arts Research, Performance Research: A journal for the performing arts, On Rupture (February 2015) 

– ‘24hours in Embros’ (2014), JsF magazine, Lisbon, Portugal

– ‘After Embros: 12 Thoughts on the rise and fall of performance practices on the periphery of Europe’, Performance Research: A journal for the performing arts, On Labour, Vol 18.1 (February 2013)

– Book Review: Performances Capitalism, Crises and Resistance: Inside/Outside Europe, In IJPADM (Routledge, February 2017)

Other Texts:

– Invited writer for a series of texts at L’internationale Platform: http://www.internationaleonline.org/ (August – December 2015)
– ‘Horizons of Joy and Resistance’, (2018) 28 Marazine, Gaza – In Arabic
– ‘On others time’ co-authored with S. Dona- Quartz (July 2015)
– ‘The paradox of the market’, Newspaper Avgi (October 2012)
– ‘Rethinking the Political’ Mavili Collective, Unfollow Magazine, Vol 1 (December 2011)