Ongoing Collaborations (collectives and groups I am part of and currently work with in variable contexts).

Performance Biennial :::

Green Park :::

Mavili Collective :::

Mavili Collective was formed during summer 2010 as an autonomous collective structure of emergent practitioners. Mavili Collective initiated Embros Occupancy  in November 2011 and has and propose structures, platforms, collaborations, and activist actions that respond to the cultural landspace. Mavili Collective is committed to produce nomadic, autonomous collective cultural zones that appear and disappear beyond the logics of the market.

Mkultra is an Athens and London-based performance company that makes new work in Europe since 2001. Ranging from site-specific work, large-scale performance installations and studio performance Mkultra has produced 29 pieces that have presented in theatres, galleries and found spaces in Greece, UK, Italy and Spain.

Institute for Live Arts Research::::

Institute for Live Arts Research is an Athens-based research initiative founded in 2010 in order to promote and support creative dialogues between theory and practice. Support innovative research processes and educational/cultural production in the field of performance.

Kolektiva Omonia ::::

Kolektiva Omonia is an open group of theorists and artists from different fields that emerged inside Embros occupancy

Civic Zones ::::

 Civic Zones is a project that collectively examines the relationship between social disobedience, the civic and performance. Initiated by Hypatia Vourloumis and Gigi Argyropoulou.

Koino Athina (Common Athens) ::::

Koino Athina (Common Athens) is a collective platform for research and action in the city of Athens. Bringing together architects, theorists, urban geographers and artists Koino Athina seeks to re-examine urban practices, design methods and city needs in order to produce new discources for the city.


Past collaborations

F2 Performance Unit ::: F2 Performance Unit produced a series of works of devised theatre and site-specific work in Athens from years 2002-2007. Website no longer available

Psi Cluster, Athens 2011 :::

Psi Regional Research Cluster ‘Encounters in Synchronous Time’ took place in Athens in 2011. The main aim underlying the curatorial vision for this event has been to produce an open public event, which will enable vital and experimental research exchange between international and regional (Greek/Balkan) scholars and practitioners, whose expertise cross between theatre, dance, performance and philosophy.